Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's been awhile...

It's been awhile since we've worked on the trailer...

Thanks to those who have commented. We've been busy moving, doing some remodeling to the new house, vacationing in Colorado last summer. Just came home from Mena, Arkansas, riding our 4 wheelers for 4 awesome days. Met some new friends from LA, Texas, & Arkansas.

To answer the question concerning where we got the windows: some came from a wrecked camper, the 2 fire exit windows were new from a local camper supply and the BIG window had to be shipped from the state of Washington because we could not find one big enough to fit the hole we messed up cutting for a smaller window (very expensive mistake!)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Also, got the kitchen window installed today.

We got the stovetop/hood and sink installed today!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Here's another look at the awning and the whole trailer hooked up to our truck.

Got the new awning installed yesterday! It's 17' long & a red wine color- as close a match to the truck as we could find.

Cutting the wall where the large front window will go.

Here is the front door light, grab handle, 2 electrical outlets and window installed.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

This is where the stopped for the day: the stovetop is not installed yet, just sitting on top of the countertop; and the sink is not installed yet, just sitting on top of the counter to check placement.

I'm loving the brushed metal walls! We are installing a black/white checkered vinyl floor later on and we'll throw in some RED accents!

No, we're not into racing, but have seen new toy haulers on the market decorated in a sporty black, white, silver & red theme that we really like.
We put in 6' of lower cabinets. We had to cut out part of the back of the left cabinet to fit over the wheelwell.

We have 6' of upper kitchen cabinets in the kitchen area. They are only 15'' tall to allow room for the stove vent and maybe a small kitchen window above the sink. The cabinets are stained grey and will have brushed nickel hardware.
After: wallboard FINALLY goes up! This is what we're using on all the walls. It's silver metal-brushed wallboard- it should brighten things up in there! We are cutting in a 5' window on the front side, above the sofa and another 5' or smaller window in the dining area.
Before: this is where the refrigerator will sit on top of the water heater. We got the electrical wiring in today. We are ready to start putting up the brushed metal wallboard.

Front outdoor light.

The back of the trailer: the outdoor shower access door, vent for refrigerator and fresh water access.

We did some electrical work today.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Now that the plumbing is installed underneath, the next step is building the bathroom walls and putting in the electrical. I also will be painting the ceiling white. We purchased unfinished kitchen cabinets at Lowe's, which I stained to a grey color. Today we purchased black &white checkered vinyl tiles for the floor and brushed metal wallboard for the walls, and a 17' canopy for outside. Pictures will be posted as these are all installed. Now that all the shopping is complete, we just need the time to put it all together!

We always carry our generator with us when camping (or we else plug directly into the campground's power) so we will not be installing a battery/power converter unit. We also purchased a 35 gallon water tank with pump several months ago to provide water for when we camp at Forest Hills, Louisiana-- no electric or water provided at the State Forest campground but LOTS of fun on the trails!)

We cut out for a vent behind where the refrigerator/water heater will go. Also cut out right next to this behind the shower, for an outdoor shower access door. We love to ride our 4wheelers in the mud so we knew from experience with our other travel trailer that we would need an outdoor shower. We bought an outdoor shower tent from Cabela's a couple of months ago and set it up around back. It worked out great to have the privacy outside for a hot shower without tracking all that mud inside.

The plywood floor has been replaced after installing all the hidden plumbing and installed toliet. We will build walls, enclosing the toliet and it will be accessible from the garage area by using a folding door.

Installing the shower and water heater. The shower and toliet will be accessible from the garage, by going thru a doorway into the garage from the living area. The water heater will be hidden in a cabinet under the refrigerator.

The white tank is the fresh water tank.

All of the plumbing is installed underneath the flooring.

Installing the black and grey water tanks and the toliet. The fresh water tank is installed just in front of these two. We will install a fresh water pump under one of the kitchen cabinets.

We got help to place the roof a/c unit on the roof.

We took out the roof vent to install the roof a/c.

More ceiling insulation being placed in before the plywood goes back up.
We took down all the plywood from the walls and ceiling, to place 1" foam insulation up. Then we put the plywood back up.

We will later install brushed aluminum wallboard on all the walls and paint the ceiling white.
Cutting in the opening for the door window.

This is the interior of the trailer when we bought it. It has plywood walls, ceiling and floors. It is 32' long, with 8' being in the front for a bedroom, and 24' in the rest of the trailer. We will have 17' for living room/kitchen area/bathroom. We will have a 7' garage in the rear for our two 4wheelers.

The Beginning of Our Project

This is the beginning of our project- what the trailer looked like when we brought it home.
It's a 32' gooseneck, 81/2' wide.